The essence of management consulting is to enable a client get information and facts and advice which leads to actual and lasting answer of a trouble. This internet website is made to help you turn into a excellent consultant by presenting essential data required to enter consulting jobs which includes an overview of the business, descriptions of firms and frequent practice places, comparisons to other jobs, interviewing practice and guidance and a discussion of some of the effective concepts consultants are making use of to reshape organizations.

In Could 2013 we held a roundtable at HBS on the disruption of the specialist services to encourage greater dialogue and debate on this subject. Now incumbent firms are seeing their competitive position eroded by technology, alternative staffing models, and other forces. We have the capacity to accompany clients from the definition of the tactic to the implementation of the solution. More than the past year we have been studying the expert services, specifically consulting and law, through the lens of these theories to fully grasp how they are changing and why.